The Story of Baba

This is the story of my grandmother, Esther Feigel Leibowitz, who I called "Baba". She was born in 1896 in the Old City of Jerusalem and died in the Spring of 1988 in Brooklyn, New York. She was buried on Mt. of Olives in Jerusalem, overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem.

Sandwiched in-between was a lifetime of tragedy and courage. 5 of her 6 children died before she did. In 1927 she started an organization - The Zion Dov Ber Torah Fund - to help support Yeshiva Meah Shearim in Jerusalem. Esther Leibowitz led the organization for 60 years, and had a weekly radio program on WEVD for 40 years.

These are the words that were sitting here on the original 1996 website for 4+ years.. "I will be working on this piece as the days and weeks go by, filling in the details of her story, which is very much my family's story as well as a story of history; adding visual testimony to the life of the only grandparent that I have known, as well as a grandmother who I am very proud of."

Over 25 years ago my aunt gave me two large bags of materials from Baba's organization and Yeshiva. During the summer of 2020 I went through them. The website had long been offline. After going through her materials, i undertook the challenging task of rebuilding her website, now enriched with new materials.

Esther Feigel Leibowitz


Early Years


The Zion Dov Ber Torah Fund

Baba and the Ladies

After 30 Years

Yeshiva Meah Shearim - Old Building

Children of the Yeshiva


Matriarchs and Patriarchs

The New Building - Yeshiva Bochurim

Baba's Grave

Memories of Baba

phasing out

My Experiences with Yeshiva Meah Shearim

Helping Yeshiva Meah Shearim Today

Background to Baba's Story & Website

Baba - Esther Feigel Leibowitz, speaking on the radio, WEVD

Esther Leibowitz praying at the Western Wall.

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